Cancer Care of North Florida

289 SW Stonegate Terrace, Suite 103
Lake City, FL 32024

Phone: 386-755-1655
Fax: 386-755-2330

Radiation Oncology of North Florida

4520 West US Highway 90
Lake City, FL 32055

Phone: 386-755-0601
Fax: 386-755-0602

Urology of North Florida

289 SW Stonegate Terrace, Suite 102
Lake City, FL 32024

Phone: 386-719-3850
Fax: 386-719-3856

Contact us immediately if you have:

  • Fever 100.5 F. degrees or greater
  • Uncontrollable nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Pain is not well controlled
  • Chest pains or shortness of breath
  • Severe shaking or chills
  • Bleeding from any location including skin, nose, gums and genital areas
  • Blood in the urine or stool
  • Black, tarry bowel movement
  • Changes to skin at site of infusion or injection
  • Constipation with intense abdominal cramping
  • Changes in your vision or hearing

Emergency Care:

CALL 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency. Call our office only after you have made arrangements to get to the Emergency Room.

During Office Hours

Our nurses return calls as quickly as they can. Please let us know if your need is urgent. Calls for test results and prescription refills will be returned after urgent patient needs are met. Non-emergency phone calls may be returned in the late afternoon after all patients are seen. If you send a message using My Healing Plan patient portal, you should expect a return call or message within one business day. Please do not send urgent messages such as bleeding, fever, pain, shortness of breath, or chest pain to our team using My Healing Plan.

After Hours Care

Our answering service will contact our “on-call” oncologist after hours, weekends and on observed holidays. Our answering service does not schedule appointments. You may leave non-emergency messages on our office phone after hours. We check messages the next business day.

Prescription Refills

We are happy to refill the medications we originally prescribed or are monitoring.

  • Allow 72 hours to get prescriptions approved, signed or called in.
  • By law, your pharmacy must have a written prescription for narcotics such as Percocet, MS Contin, Oxycontin or Dilaudid. You may either come to the office and pick the prescription up or allow five days for it to be mailed to you. No narcotic prescriptions may be written on the weekends or holidays.

Lab or Scan Results

Generally, results are available:

  • Medical imaging/scans:  48 hours
  • Tumor marker:  48 hours
  • Bone marrow:  5-7 days
  • Pathology reports:  5-7 days

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly trained, collaborative oncology specialists all currently taking new patients
  • Consultation appointments scheduled within 3-5 days of referral and in some cases same-day appointments available
  • One-stop campus for comprehensive diagnositics and treatment for many types of cancer including radiation, chemotherapy infusion, lab draws and imaging services
  • Onsite infusion center offers comfortable, home-like setting
  • In-office lab testing
  • In-office medication dispensary
  • Open, immediate access to outpatient symptom management
  • 24-hour physician coverage
  • COPI-certified clinical trials
  • We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and VA